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Which comes with a long rambly rant about how Mumford & Sons' Little Lion Man connects to Dean Winchester that you can read over here.

Oh look. The first post from me in.... 7 months.
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Post two of the day...Still 5x14 and this time Cas' apparent love of burgers :) I was going to to a big collage of all the clips of Cas eating in this episode, but in the end I decided to cut it down to this...

I love the dubious look he gives Dean when he asks why Dean doesn't seem to be affected by Famine, and Dean just jokes his way through it as he always does. Oh Dean...

Dylan & Tyler


Post numero uno for today is a little bit of Dean and Cas going off on their own. Poor Sammy is locked down in a bathroom, Dean is being a surly bugger and Cas is managing to keep away for burgers for five minutes. Yeah, I'm still on 5x14...I think this may be one of my favourite episodes of S5...

Personal space invasion and not a complaint in sight/hearing distance. (also, I rather prefered when Cas didn't have to stick his hand in people to know if they had a soul or not.)

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I am made of fail this week, my apologies. To make up for it there are two coming your way tomorrow.

For now have a scene I momentarily forgot about but is actually one of my favourite brief moments between our boys ;) It's a bit boring, but just let the chemistry speak for itself ;)

I'm always a fan of when Dean walks into Cas' personal space...

Person of Interest - Shaw MPOV


I'm so sorry guys!
I've been really busy with Big Bangs and modding, I've totally been neglecting you.
I'm going to put up a post soon calling for people who would like to be part of the posting here at deancas_daily.
We're gonna ask to seem some examples of your work, so if you think you might be interested, you're awesome, and think about it until I post the New Makers request.
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Apologies for not posting these last few days. As much as I hate to say it, S6 kinda meddled with my brain. It's best to soldier on in denial I feel.

I'm not going to blether at you today. Just have some of our boys...

Person of Interest - Shaw MPOV


Person of Interest - Shaw MPOV


I'm just going to post a whack of stuff to make up for the last few days where I've been sans computer.

So I made this a couple days before the finale for risskabob's Castiel appreciation day.
But I'm posting it here.
Because, I haven't posted anything lately.